Polished Stone Signs Gallery

Stonehenge Signs Inc.

Our polished stone signs are made from a variety of natural stones. Stone can be sawn into nearly any size or shape, and are available in many colors ranging from the deepest ebony to the brightest white. Faces and edges can be polished, rough-sawn or hand chipped. As with all our engraved signage, text and graphics are sandblasted deep into the stone and then colored with indelible masonry stain. Big bold letters to fine script and detailed graphics all display well on its' flat polished surface.

Polished stone's natural beauty combined with indestructible nature makes it the perfect choice for outdoor signs of all kinds. Like nearly anything made of natural stone, these signs handle the weather, daily watering, mowing and golf ball strikes with no problems. As featured in our gallery, popular options include golf course and yardage markers, entry monuments, memorials, business, and HOA.

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