Company Spotlight

American Society of Landscape Architects

Stonehenge Signs Inc., a U.S.-based company, was established in 1978 as a founding producer of the sandblasted wood sign. Motivated to find solutions for costly maintenance and the repair of wood signs, Stonehenge Signs Inc. sought to identify a new medium of 100 percent real hand-crafted stone that would be far more durable while still retaining aesthetic appeal.
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Ventura County Star

The Bridle Path Equestrian Community in Simi Valley knows that perseverance pays off. For four years the homeowners association has been working to complete design, approval, funding and installation of entrance signs. On Tuesday, two granite boulder signs, weighing 4,000 pounds each, were installed in the medians off First Street at Nonchalant Drive and at Mellow Lane.
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Signs for the Times

Rob Conover of Quincy Calif.-based Stonehenge Signs started his career building wood signs more than 35 years ago. When clients started requesting something with less maintenance, he got into working with stone. Today with a new name that emphasizes the stone connection, he and son-in-law Frankie Tapia Jr. are specialists in golf course and entrance signs.
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Sign Craft Magazine

Walter Methner is recognized by many as the man who introduced sandblasting to the sign trade. He began promoting the sandblasted sign in 1967 at his shop in Newport Beach, CA. Walter owned and operated Walter's Sign Studio there for over twenty years. He is now carving, blasting and casting signs in Quincy, CA.
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