Stonehenge Signs has been creating world class signage for parks, golf courses, developments, churches, developments, and cities/counties since 1978. Our products are designed to endure over time and are always fashioned with professional care and quality. We encourage you to view our gallery page to see representative samples of each of our product categories. Each section following describes the qualities of the products by general categorical description and respective use.

  • Large Cast Bronze Entryway Sign
  • Stone Engraved Directional Signage
  • Stone and Brick Entry Monument Sign
  • Large Sandstone Entryway Sign
  • Large Engraved Granite Native Stone Sign
  • Large Granite Boulder Sign for Park
  • Large Polished Stone Entryway Sign
  • Sandblasted Wood Entryway Sign
  • Stone Sign Yardage Markers for Golf Course

Signage Options

Granite Boulder Signs

Large Engraved and Painted Granite Boulder SignNothing exudes permanence and stability like granite. Granites' natural beauty combined with its' indestructible nature make it a perfect choice for outdoor signage and a competitively priced, natural and more durable alternative to a precast concrete sign. Granites' bold presence makes it an excellent choice for entrance signage. Stonehenge Signs will make sure your granite sign is visible to suit your specifications.

All granite is naturally unique in color and can be stained with various colors and carved with virtually any graphic to match its surrounding landscape or business. Maintenance free and indestructible granite boulders are the natural entry monuments for parks and play grounds. View granite boulder sign samples.

Sandstone Signs

Large Engraved and Painted Sandstone SignEngraved sandstone signs deliver your message while complementing the natural theme of your project. Sandstone carefully selected with the right characteristics for the message the stone is to convey, makes an excellent choice for permanent outdoor signs. Flat surfaces, durability and natural beauty make it one of our favorite products.

Sandstone slabs can be fabricated to fit into any other signage features. Sandstone slabs can be sawn into shapes or left with their natural profiles giving each sign it's own unique look. The flat faces of this stone are perfect for two-sided signage which allows us to be very creative with a design.

The natural look of sandstone signs can deliver your message yet blend into most environments. Like nearly anything made of natural stone, these signs handle the weather, daily watering, mowing and golf ball strikes with no problems. View Sandstone Sign samples.

Polished Stone Signs

Large Sawn and Polished Marble Stone SignSawn and polished stone is an elegant choice for all your permanent outdoor signage needs. Few things can beat polished stone for permanent, maintenance free signage. Its' natural beauty combined with its' indestructible nature makes it the perfect choice for outdoor signs of all kinds. Big bold letters to fine script and detailed graphics all display well on its' flat polished surface.

Stone can be sawn into nearly any size or shape, and comes in many colors ranging from the deepest ebony to the brightest white. Faces and edges can be polished, rough-sawn or hand chipped. As with all our engraved signage, text and graphics are sandblasted deep into the stone and then colored with indelible masonry stain. View Polished Stone Sign samples.

Native Rock Signs

Large Engraved and Painted Native Rock SignNative boulder signage is a combination of nature and hand crafted art. Stonehenge Signs can produce beautiful signage at your job-site using boulders from your local area. This results in signage that blends perfectly with the surroundings.

We sand carve the copy deep into the stone and then apply several applications of masonry stain. The resulting signs are nearly maintenance free and are virtually indestructible. That alone makes this type of signage an exceptional value. Stonehenge Signs has extensive experience in the "Wow Factor" with over 30 years of experience creating custom sign projects. Our inset bronze plaques are very popular as an alternative to or in conjunction with engraved copy. View Native Rock Sign samples.

Polished Stone Yardage Markers Signs

Polished Stone Yardage Markers Sign for Golf CoursePolished stone makes the perfect media for in-ground yardage markers. These markers can be walked on and mowed over without suffering any damage. The only maintenance they require is an occasional hosing off. We can also supply matching movable tee-blocks.

We sand carve the copy deep into the stone and then apply several applications of masonry stain. Along with the yardage, copy can include logos, hole names, and even tee-sponsor information in your choice of vivid colors. We also supply 150 yard fairway markers made from indestructible stone. Golf ball-strikes have no effect on these markers. Like our yardage markers, these fairway markers can be made to order with your choice of copy and artwork.

Natural sandstone is another popular and economical choice for fairway markers. Natural boulders can also be used. Depending on your locale, we can often make these markers on-site out of stone from your job site or from a local source. Our recessed in-ground signage is manufactured from substantial pieces of stone. This allows them to be buried deeply into the ground which eliminates the need for concrete footings. They can be relocated easily if necessary. View Yardage Marker Sign samples.

Sandblasted Wood Signs

Large Engraved Sandblasted Wood SignFew things beat sand engraved wood signage for its warmth and natural beauty. Sandblasted wooden signs are a beautiful alternative to stone or other materials for signs. In most cases, the background is carved away leaving the copy and natural grain raised for a three dimensional look that pleases the eye.

We use nothing but the finest seasoned redwood, cedar stock, and sugar pine in our outdoor signs. These woods are known for their resistance to the elements and their beautiful appearance. After carving, our signs are given several deep coats of wood-preserving stains and allowed to dry. Then paint is applied to the copy and other parts of the sign as necessary. Our wood signage ranges in size from clubhouse wall signs to very large roadside signs mounted with log structures. View Wood Sign samples.

Cast Bronze

Large Cast Bronze Sign with LetteringCast bronze lettering and plaques deliver your message while complementing the beauty of your site. Letters and logos can be reproduced in nearly any size and style. Cast bronze can be permanently mounted on most walls and a wide range of other natural and man-made surfaces.

A wide range of finish options are available. Both natural bronze and colored finishes will retain their beauty with little or no maintenance for many years. Any color or finish is available in conjunction with this option.

One of our more popular specialties is providing cast bronze plaques that are inset into our boulders, so that their surface of the plaque is flush with the face of the stone itself. View Cast Bronze Signage and Plaques samples.

Entry Monuments

Entry Monument Sign for City of LathropA facilities most permanent and largest form of identification is its entry monument sign. Stonehenge Signs has been creating custom monuments since 1978. We will work closely with you to design an entry that is tailored to project your facilities unique character.

Entry Monument options are almost unlimited, and its' presence will either create an identity for you, or re-enforce the brand identity you already have. Logos and logotypes can be faithfully executed in your signage, and Stonehenge Signs can help recommend methods and materials that show off your logo to its' best advantage.

An impressive entry monument from Stonehenge Signs will leave a lasting impression on your clientele. A good sign needs a good installation to make it shine! We offer all our signage as an installed package or complete with the necessary posts and hardware required. View Entry Monument Sign samples.

Directional Signage

Engraved and Painted Stone Directional SignStonehenge Signs has provided way-finding and identification basic and beautiful for residential and commercial clients for over 30 years. Directional signage is essential in assisting the public in identifying your location and directs your visitors throughout your facility.

Stonehenge Signs manufactures only quality custom Directional Signs made from a wide variety of materials. Remember, an attractive exterior Directional Sign is essential to making your business more visible and should lead to greater awareness amongst the public. View Directional Signage samples.