Sandstone Signs Gallery

Stonehenge Signs Inc.

Sandstone is a durable sedimentary rock primarily composed of quartz and feldspar, and is an excellent choice for permanent outdoor signs. Like nearly anything made of natural stone, these signs handle the weather, daily watering, mowing and golf ball strikes with no problems. Sandstone slabs can be sawn into shapes or left with their natural profiles giving each sign it's own unique look. The flat faces of this stone are perfect for two-sided signage which allows us to be very creative with a design.

Our engraving process allows us to incorporate images, words, and bronze plaques to fit our client's specific signage needs. In our sandstone signs' gallery we've included sign examples of some of the many color variations and popular uses of this lovely stone. For each client we provide recommendations for the sandstone sign size and color that will integrate best for their specific need and location.

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