Engraved Wood Signs Gallery

Stonehenge Signs Inc.

Sandblasted wooden signs are a beautiful alternative to stone or other materials for signs. In most cases, the background is carved away leaving the copy and natural grain raised for a three dimensional look that pleases the eye. We use nothing but the finest seasoned redwood, cedar stock, and sugar pine in our outdoor signs. These woods are known for their resistance to the elements and their beautiful appearance. After carving, our signs are given several deep coats of wood-preserving stains and allowed to dry. Then paint is applied to the copy and other parts of the sign as necessary.

Our wood signage ranges in size from clubhouse wall signs to very large roadside signs mounted with log structures. In our engraved sood signs' gallery we've included examples of the diverse wood signs we've created for business, which include signs for ranches and camps, HOA and residential communities, entry monuments for cities, parks, and golf courses and lodging.

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